Saturday, August 14, 2010

Long Overdue Update

Hey there to anyone still reading! I never really started using this blog but think that's going to change. Now that I have a new in the works (hopefully up very soon) I'll have this linked to it and try to update at least somewhat regularly to let you know what's going on with my spanking adventures, site, travels, shoots, etc.

I had some setbacks with the last subscription site and it is no more. For now, due to financial limitations, I am going to set up a nice site with info, bio and pics, my blog, a page about the models in my vids, my travel and availability schedules, links to my spanking clips store, my DVD store and more. Eventually I hope to get back to having a subscription site where people can pay a monthly rate for all the videos but that will probably be awhile. I had put a ton of work into the old one and will need to save up enough to be able to accept credit cards etc. But I hope that the new site will still be a fun place to visit, look around, and get to know me and what I do while also providing access to my stores. Check out my new site header provided by the very sweet and talented Zelle!

Meanwhile, I've been having tons of spanking fun lately! I attended my first Crimson Moon party in Chicago last month, spent a week there and met some great new friends and awesome spankers besides being able to do trade shoots with models Alicia Panettiere and Sarah Gregory for the first time! I'm going back for their Halloween party, can't wait! And in three weeks I'll also be attending my first Shadow Lane party. I'm excited and a little nervous about that. Last week I got to film a new video with my friend Corin Quinn after he had been away in China for a really long time. Unfortunately he's headed off again for school in NY soon but we at least got one nearly 40 minute severe disciplinary spanking video done. I also have recently done new shoots with Jolie Snow, Kisa Elaine, Kat St. James & Kyle Johnson. Some I have yet to get edited and in my store so stay tuned, I've been a busy sore bottomed girl! :-)