Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Aaand it's June Already!

It's so easy to get out of the habit of updating. I was sick, then sick some more, and some more, then busy, etc. Excuses, I know. Anyway, I'm here now!

I suppose the biggest news I have right now is that we shot four new videos with Erica Scott last week. It was Robert's birthday and he loves big roller coasters (not I!) so I planned a trip to Magic Mountain for him. We stayed in Sherman Oaks the night before, with plans to have dinner at an Italian restaurant. Since we ended up staying pretty close to where Erica lives, I contacted her to arrange a shoot at the hotel. Since we had been on hiatus from filming for a few months, I had been missing it, and what top wouldn't want to spank Erica as part of their birthday festivities?

We all brainstormed ahead of time, and came up with some really fun scenes. The two ideas I had were for Robert to spank his meddling mother-in-law from hell, and then a woman into spanking whose new husband discovers her stash of spanking toys and magazines, after realizing that she has lied about been out with a friend because she was meeting someone for a spanking. Robert's idea was a scene where Erica is an office worker and he is her boss, she resents him because he is younger than she is, and has a terrible attitude, refuses to listen to him or give him any respect, etc. Erica's idea was for her to be a woman dealing with an IRS audit, who again has a bad attitude as well as terrible records and organization skills. She had the fun idea to bring a bag full of loose receipts, which she could and did dump over his head when he told her she needed to do something with them.

I released the tax audit video in both of my clip stores yesterday, it can be downloaded here or viewed as part of my flat rate monthly streaming plan which includes every video in my store here. I am working on editing the other three, and will be releasing them approximately once per week.

Erica is a pleasure to work with and brings so much more to her shoots than a butt to spank. She went above and beyond by bringing various props and ideas, always delivers witty dialogue, and can take a LOT of hard spanking. She's so professional that takes go quickly and editing is a breeze. I would highly recommend her to any producer looking for models.

The wife keeping the spanking secret from her husband was the last video we shot, and I feel it is going to be really excellent. It was by far the longest scene we shot, both Erica and Robert really got into their roles and made it an amazing scene with a realistic feel. I'm really looking forward to releasing that one, I think many among us with vanilla spouses will be able to relate and really enjoy it. I even hope it could spark communication between some such couples and help them understand each other better, maybe even try spanking together.

Anyway, lots of fun was had and I think we got some great content. Here are the stills I grabbed from the audit video:

After the shoot, Robert and I had a cozy and relaxed gourmet pizza dinner, I had a martini which amusingly hit me pretty hard since I hardly drink anymore. Lately, I have been gravitating more toward visiting San Diego, but I was reminded how much I really do love Los Angeles. There is a certain magic in the air that I just love. I think it's because I'm such a fan of old Hollywood, and it holds so much history from that era, plus it by nature attracts creative types, so it's a great vibe, for me. I know it has a very dark and ugly side, but I don't choose to allow that stuff into my reality.

Tonight, my friend and disciplinee(?) Chica and her daughter are coming down from the bay area to visit for a few days and kick off summer vacation. We sadly decided not to renew our Disneyland passes this year, because they raised the already high price considerably and it was just too much. We'll probably get them again in the future, as we had so much fun going there over and over the past year:

Our last Disney visit

For now though, we have Magic Mountain passes and Knott's passes which include Soak City water parks, and still are spending way less than we would have for Disney. So we're going to have a very busy few days of swimming and amusement parks because they want to do everything. Fun, but exhausting and a lot of driving, I just have to try to be sure to sleep enough. Today we will be finishing up cleaning and I'll need to get out to the store for a few last minute things. I enjoy having company, we don't entertain very often because our place is so small. I really can't wait until we have a house and are able to do it better! So that's happening today, which probably means I should wrap this up, get a little more sleep, and get to it. :-)