Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Adventures Continue

I'll finish up the party blog eventually, if I can still remember anything. :-p

This past week has been crazy.

I had two great days in San Diego, several nice sessions and I even got spanked on a boat, how fun is that?! I don't have too many spanking firsts left anymore, but that was one of them.

Playing with my phone in my hotel room

Then, Friday, as I was just running a couple of errands with plans to de-stress for a little while at the beach before heading home, I got into a car accident. Yes, I'm fine and my car was drivable for which I'm very thankful since I was so far from home, but it required an insurance claim and will soon be in the shop for repairs as I ripped off half the bumper and tweaked the hood and frame. Being without a car in Southern California is the best, sigh. It was technically my fault, but truly an accident because I did look both ways before pulling out. I'm a very cautious driver. Blind spots due to parked cars. :-( It was my first accident with another vehicle ever. Fortunately the elderly lady I hit was very sweet and understanding. It felt awful! I'm very lucky and glad that nobody was hurt, I only got a small bruise on my knee.

Also, our bathroom had a nasty mold infestation and was supposed to be renovated during the three days I was out of town. While the mold is gone, it still isn't painted nor is the plumbing working properly in the new bathtub yet, a week later now. Workers have been in and out intermittently.

Finally, this recurrent sinus infection/bronchitis I've been battling for months came back full bore. I saw the doctor yet again this morning and am now on double antibiotics and got an order for sinus x-rays.

So, a bit of stress lately, minor glitches, but life is still good. ♥

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Vegas Spanking Party: Part One

Again I apologize for the delay, I've again been quite ill. I'm on a 15 day course of heavy duty antibiotics and should be feeling better by tomorrow, when I am making another trip to San Diego for two nights to spank and be spanked!

So, the Vegas party. It's hard for me to write about these things, because the whole weekend tends to become one big blur of endorphins and exhaustion. Others such as Erica ScottAlex Reynolds, and Richard Windsor have done a great recap, so check them out for more detail. I'll do my best here.

We arrived late Thursday afternoon after the 3.5 hour drive across the desert which Robert shortened to under 3, despite my horror at the speed he was maintaining. Got checked into the Suncoast, and relaxed in the room for a little bit as Joe and Ten were resting before receiving guests. We saw WearYouOut and LilLawBrat in the hallway which kicked off the excitement and the feeling that we were at a spanking party about to see a bunch of friends. By the time we freshened up a bit, it was time to head over to the suite party. The first people I remember seeing were Ten and Richard, hugs and smiles and already a lot of people were in the room chatting it up. I met a few new people I did not previously know, and greeted several who I did know. A highlight was meeting CaliKatarina and her husband H, who had been online friends since both of our early days posting our clips on Spanking Tube, but I was finally getting to meet in person. I think the only spanking I got that night was a hand spanking from Robert. I really wasn't up to much play that night after the long drive, plus we had to make a run to the airport at 9 to pick up Alex and, as it turned out, also stop at Dana Kane's house to pick up Kelley May, so by the time we got back I pretty much just wanted to go to bed. Robert was too excited for that though, saying, "I can't go to bed, people are still getting spanked!" I eventually convinced him to come to bed, considering we had four more days of this, somewhere around 1 or 2 am, I don't remember.

Honestly, my memory is fuzzy beyond this point. Friday evening the party was moved to the Presidential Suite. I remember arriving, fresh and clean and ready to play this time, and taking this picture with Alex:

With Alex Reynolds, in Our Babydoll Dresses Looking for Trouble!
I remember that I finally got a proper OTK hand spanking from Richard, and even got to wear his cowboy hat during. Aside from a brief sample of his Singapore cane in Chicago a couple of years ago, on Sunday as everyone was saying goodbyes, we have repeatedly discussed play and then proceeded to always miss each other coming and going at parties. So that was a highlight, even though we discussed playing more later in the weekend and in true fashion it didn't happen again as I hardly saw him the rest of the party. Also, we got no photos of this, what the hell? :-p Oh well, next time?

This party was fun in that it was smaller, and there were a few other people who are online friends, who I've been to multiple other parties with and wanted to play with them, but it never happened. Even if the scenes weren't super intense, I at least caught up with them all and we got to finally play. They included Tony Trystero, RodneySpanksHard, and Joe, DrLectr himself. With the exception of Rodney, they all got me on Friday night, along with -lostkitten's (Zoey) play partner It'snature (Ed) and Robert. The party had definitely started and I was well roasted and developing some yummy marks.

This seems as good a time as any to pause, as I have some errands I have to handle today. Next blog will recap Saturday through Monday.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Well, I just got back from what's being called the "Fifty Freaks" weekend due to a humorous story involving the hotel bellman. It was a small private spanking party in Las Vegas, and a lot of fun. I'm still really exhausted and sleep deprived, so I will blog about it in more detail later.

For now, here is the photo from my session in San Diego last month that I promised in my last update. :-)