Friday, February 22, 2013


Well, this month has certainly been flying by. I must apologize for the lack of updates. I've been sick most of the time since my last post, and busy during the small windows when I haven't been sick, if that's any excuse.

I was somewhat miserable on Valentine's Day because this stupid bug had just relapsed the day before, but we still managed to enjoy it. We figured out the trick to dining out on that holiday is lunch. Last year we went to the local Japanese restaurant for dinner and it was packed so we waited a very long time and had poor service. This year Robert only worked a half day and we went to the same place but for lunch. It wasn't any more crowded than your average day, and it cost less because of lunch specials! Then we came home and exchanged cards/flowers/chocolates.

Stargazer Lilies, of course.

For dinner we stayed in and I cooked up some steak and lobster tails and the most amazing dessert ever (if I do say so myself), Ghirardelli flourless dark chocolate cake with ganache, fresh raspberries and whipped cream on top.

The DIY approach gave us a private romantic evening in, and plenty of time for play after, yay lots of spanking! We had a great time doing it that way, and it's going to be our new tradition. Sorry, we never seem to take pictures of my marks anymore, should probably start doing that for the blog instead of all these vanilla pictures!

Gratuitous Chihuahuaface - Just Because

As a V-Day present, Robert also let me finally order my first corset! Naughty Freckles loaned me one of hers to wear at the Crimson Moon Halloween party a couple of years ago, and I loved it so much that I've been wanting one pretty badly ever since. Unfortunately, I guessed my size incorrectly, so I will have to do an exchange, but it's so pretty and I'm really excited to get to wear it and take some pictures to show you.

Stock Photo Courtesy of

I just got back yesterday from another overnight trip to San Diego for sessions. It was a lot of driving, there and back, plus a detour to Rancho Mirage on my way home, so I'm pretty wiped out. But it was fun, I made two naughty boys cry and got a pretty sound spanking myself! There were pictures of my spanked bottom taken after that - if I get my hands on them I will share.

San Diego is the best, the Ralph's store by my hotel had a whole aisle of this. Of course, I now own two new paddles. :D

One day of rest today, and then tomorrow it's back down to Palm Springs to pick up my friend Chica who is visiting from the bay area for a few days. Sunday we are going to Disneyland! She goes home Tuesday, then on Thursday Robert and I are off again, to Vegas to hang out with some awesome spanko friends and meet a few new ones over the weekend. Time, health, energy, and schedules permitting, some new videos are a possibility, but no promises.

I know I promised a meatier topical post about DD and me, and I'm still going to do that eventually when I have more down time/am in the mood, but for tonight I just needed to update to keep this thing fresh. Good night, Interwebs!