Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Adventures Continue

I'll finish up the party blog eventually, if I can still remember anything. :-p

This past week has been crazy.

I had two great days in San Diego, several nice sessions and I even got spanked on a boat, how fun is that?! I don't have too many spanking firsts left anymore, but that was one of them.

Playing with my phone in my hotel room

Then, Friday, as I was just running a couple of errands with plans to de-stress for a little while at the beach before heading home, I got into a car accident. Yes, I'm fine and my car was drivable for which I'm very thankful since I was so far from home, but it required an insurance claim and will soon be in the shop for repairs as I ripped off half the bumper and tweaked the hood and frame. Being without a car in Southern California is the best, sigh. It was technically my fault, but truly an accident because I did look both ways before pulling out. I'm a very cautious driver. Blind spots due to parked cars. :-( It was my first accident with another vehicle ever. Fortunately the elderly lady I hit was very sweet and understanding. It felt awful! I'm very lucky and glad that nobody was hurt, I only got a small bruise on my knee.

Also, our bathroom had a nasty mold infestation and was supposed to be renovated during the three days I was out of town. While the mold is gone, it still isn't painted nor is the plumbing working properly in the new bathtub yet, a week later now. Workers have been in and out intermittently.

Finally, this recurrent sinus infection/bronchitis I've been battling for months came back full bore. I saw the doctor yet again this morning and am now on double antibiotics and got an order for sinus x-rays.

So, a bit of stress lately, minor glitches, but life is still good. ♥

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  1. Yikes, tough week. Car accidents are scary, glad it wasn't worse. Being spanked on a boat sounds very cool!