Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Adventures in Munching, Travel, Misc.

Yes, I'm posting again before Tuesday ends! Threats of beatings do wonders it seems. Well, crap. I just looked back and realized I last posted two weeks ago Tuesday. I was thinking that post was for the following week though, because I had already posted that week earlier. Does this make sense or am I in trouble?

Anyway, last week was busy for me, I made a trip to San Diego for two nights/three days to spank some naughty bottoms, but also did one bottoming session with a friend there which was fun.

Naughty Boy Mike Caned & Paddled by the Principal for Cheating on A Test - Video for www.lilystarr.com

Lily Punished by Stepdad for Breaking Curfew - Role Play

With Robert's blessing (of course), my friend in the second picture took me out on Friday night to check out a TNG munch down there. I really wanted to go, it involved sushi, my favorite, I'd never been to a munch, and it sounded fun. However, as I have found when trying to attend BDSM events at other times, I just do not fit in with that culture. It's entertaining to observe, but it's not MY scene. Spankos really are a distinct breed. Yes, I know spanking is a BDSM activity, I'm not one of those who argues that, but for whatever reason, the tone of our social events is different.

It's not that people weren't nice, they were, and several even took the initiative to introduce themselves which I certainly appreciate. But I ended up sitting off to the side with my friend most of the time, not feeling like I belonged, much like attending a vanilla event with nice people. Part of it could be that I'm already known and accepted in the spanking community, whereas the BDSM folks don't know me from Eve. I am shy, and it definitely helps when people already feel some familiarity when approaching me and we have clear common ground from the get go. Yes, I do like to be the movie star, in juxtaposition with said shyness. Also, meeting at a restaurant like that rather than a play party was odd for me. You have the knowledge that everyone is kinky, but the setting is vanilla. I don't know, I don't think munches are my thing, maybe not even if they were for spanking enthusiasts. It was a really cool patio space and there were tons of people there. Probably a great event if it is your thing.

Overall, the munch experience was kind of a fail for me, as far as connecting with anyone new, and the place never brought us our sushi order. So, we went to my favorite sushi spot in the area instead and shared a couple of bomb rolls, then went back to my hotel where I bartered with my friend a custom spanking clip for a massage to help me sleep as he's a licensed therapist. Yeah, I kinda love my job sometimes, I had to get spanked and then massaged before resting up for the drive home, what a deal. Good end to my working vacation, and since the trip went well and as I discussed in my last post I am looking to focus more on my private session work this year, I plan to make monthly visits to SD as long as I have work to support it.

I love it there, if you have to be stuck in traffic, this is certainly the ideal view!

Robert and I also have a move in the works for this year, we plan to buy a house by summer. It's currently up in the air whether we will have to stay where we are or may be able to move a bit closer to the Temecula area. Personally, I am very much hoping for the latter option because our location right now is simply inconvenient for everything, but it will depend mainly on his work, whether he is able to transfer to that area.

After I got home, Robert's day off was Sunday and we went down to the Palm Springs area to catch a movie and eat (more for me!) sushi. The sushi wasn't very good, we will probably not visit that place again. It's difficult to find decent and decently priced sushi in the desert. The movie we saw, Flight, was good I thought, but a bit darker than we expected going in. Denzel Washington turned in a great performance as an alcoholic/drug addict/pathological liar. I won't spoil it or anything, but it made me cry so much that my eye makeup was ruined for dinner! Also, I may panic the next time I try to go on an airplane flight.

The American Horror Story season finale is this week! I admit I'm kind of obsessed and nerdy about that show. I have a lot of fun trying to guess what will happen and watching it play out in shock, awe, and horror. It's not a perfect show, they have kind of pissed me off with anticlimactic endings to the story lines this season, but there is nothing else like it on TV and I enjoy it. Plus, it's very kinky!

My bad Chihuahua won't stop barking at our obnoxious neighbors, so I'm going to wrap this up because he's not allowing me to think.

My Bad Chihuahua, Buster -  He's Also An Activist

Next time, I plan to write about my journey as a spanko, submission, and what it means to me in my current real life DD relationship vs. my original fantasy of seeking a DD relationship. Same time, same channel!

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